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Falcon Oil

Providing high quality engine protection under all driving conditions that are specifically formulated to provide extra protection against the harmful effects of city driving, where cars undergo a higher stress due to constant stopping and going. Our low friction formula helps improve gas mileage for long engine life and helps protect against rust, corrosion, start-up wear, varnish build-up, and eliminates the need for extra oil additives. It also protects against thermal breakdown which helps prevent stuck rings.

High engine temperatures combine with moisture, combustion byproducts (including unburned gasoline), rust, corrosion, engine-wear particles, and oxygen to produce sludge and varnish. The additives not only assist oil in maintaining good lubrication, they also help minimize sludge and varnish, and any damage from their formation.

Falcon Max Plus Synthetic Blend GF-5 SN+

5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30, 15w-40, 20w-50 ,10w-40

Falcon Max Plus Full Synthetic GF-5 SN+

0w-20,5w-20, 5w-30,5w-40, 10w-30 and 0w-40

Falcon Transmission Fluid

Falcon ATF Multi-Vehicle Max Plus Synthetic

Falcon ATF Multi-Purpose D/M III Plus

All of our Falcon oils are available

In Bulk,
4/1gal per case
12qt per case

We also carry this oil on cases 4gls per case and 12qts per case and 6qt per case.

We also have 5gls buckets for sales any grade for our Falcon Oil.

And Drums as well 55gls

Here are the categories of key additive ingredients

• Viscosity-index improvers: Reduce the oil’s tendency to thin with increasing temperature.

• Detergents: Unlike the household type, they don’t scrub engine surfaces. They do remove some deposits, primarily solids. But their main purpose is to keep the surfaces clean by inhibiting the formation of high-temperature deposits, rust, and corrosion.

• Dispersants: Disperse solid particles, keeping them in solution, so they don’t come together to form sludge, varnish, and acids. Some additives work both as detergents and dispersants.

• Antiwear agents: There are times when the lubricating film breaks down, so the antiwear agents have to protect the metal surfaces. A zinc and phosphorus compound called ZDDP is a long-used favorite, along with other phosphorus (and sulphur) compounds. If you musts know, ZDDP stand for zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate.